ArtOffice undertakes research, provides reports and creates publications on subjects relating to the place of art in contemporary urban and rural developments. Additionally, ArtOffice undertakes research into the relationship of the visual arts to environmental issues, science and technology, architecture, landscape design, land management and audience development.

Partnerships between artists, architects, philosophers, geographers, writers and art historians are devised resulting in projects and publications which further the debate on the artists' role in contemporary life.

As an educational organisation, ArtOffice produces its own public art projects as well as collaborating with public and private sector clients across the UK. With support from the Arts Councils of the UK, the Crafts Council, arts designated charities and sponsorship, ArtOffice creates projects with a strong educational component. By placing artists in residence in schools, colleges and the work place and by staging workshops, talks and lectures for the community in which a commission will take place, a greater involvement with and understanding of contemporary visual arts is experienced and enjoyed by a wider audience.

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